Safe technology means reliable product

We have done the hard work for you
so that you don't have to worry about

Rely on proven encryption to store your documents and data safely

Store safely

Store safely

Strong encryption

All data are encrypted with strong secret key. No data will ever be shared with third parties.

Privacy ready

Time2Client does not have access to the client data. Only the lawyer is responsible for the data management.

GDPR compliant

Fully compliant with european Data protection law.

Your time is valuable

Your time is valuable

Share with other colleagues

Choose to share a document or a folder.

Invite other colleagues to upload new documents in your legal case.

Have an overview of all sharing permissions.

Smart mail notification

When the lawyer updates a legal case, a smart notification* is sent to your client, so that he is aware of the update.

Receive a smart notification* when your client or the colleague you gave access to the case uploads a new document.

Legal case story

Create events to mark all the stages of the legal case, and export them in your calendar of choice (Google calendar, Outlook, or Apple iOS / Android calendar).

* Smart mail notification system aggregates batch of works into a single mail so that you are not bombarder with unuseful mail all day.